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What is an Apollo property?
What is an Apollo property?

A property in Apollo is the one place where all the details and configurations for a digital analytics implementation exist

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An Apollo property can be used to implement one website/mobile application or multiple if they have similar business and tagging requirements. If your organization has different websites or mobile applications that have vastly different business and tagging requirements, it may be necessary to create multiple Apollo properties.

How to create an Apollo property

To create a new Apollo property, log into Apollo and from the main screen, click the Properties link:

On the Properties screen, click the Add New Property button to start creating a new Apollo property:

Note: If you do not see the Add New Property option, your user permissions are not sufficient to perform this action. You should reach out the Apollo Admin at your organization and request Organization Admin permissions.

On the modal that appears, enter a name for the property and choose which digital analytics tool(s) you would like to associate with the property. Property names may only include letter, number, space, dash, and underscore characters. In most cases, properties will be associated with only one analytics tool, but there may be cases in which you want to use the same implementation for multiple analytics tools (e.g., Adobe and Google Analytics).

Upon selecting Next you will be asked to confirm the monetary charge for property creation. By selecting Yes, your property is created.

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