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Identifying Your Business Requirements
Identifying Your Business Requirements

How to find the Business Requirements that apply to your organization

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Apollo comes with hundreds of predefined business requirements. These requirements have been hand-picked based upon over twenty years of past analytics implementations. Since every organization has different needs, different organizations will select different business requirements. Apollo comes with a few tools to help you narrow down business requirements so you can more easily find the ones that are relevant to your organization.

Filtering is the most common method used to review business requirements. Apollo business requirements can be filtered by site feature. Site features represent different aspects of typical digital experiences such as onsite search or website forms. Using the provided filter, Apollo allows you to narrow down business requirements to those within the selected site feature(s):

If desired, multiple site feature filters can be used concurrently to review business requirements for multiple site features (note that selecting multiple site features is an OR, not an AND, so any requirement that is tied to one of the selected site features will appear in the list):

Apollo business requirements can also be filtered by industry vertical. While no two organizations are the same, there are similarities among organizations that reside in the same industry vertical. For example, retail websites typically have similar business requirements, but these requirements may differ greatly from financial service websites. Apollo has assigned each business requirement to one or more industry verticals based on past implementation experience. This provides you with another way to narrow business requirements and find the ones that are most relevant to your organization. Business requirements that apply to any industry vertical are housed in the “Any” item in the Vertical filter:

Additionally, you can search for business requirements by selecting from a drop-down or searching for specific events by text:

Apollo Business Requirements can also be selected by searching specific attributes by text or selecting them from a drop-down as well:

Users can also sort business requirements by whether they have completed or incomplete the design. This makes it easier to find the Business Requirements that you were working on and sort them away from the designs that are complete.

Another way to narrow down business requirements is to use text search. Any text phrase can be entered into the search box to find business requirements that include that phrase:

Lastly, business requirements can also be found using business requirement templates, some of which are globally available. You can read more about templates here.

Anytime you have filtered the list of business requirements, you have the option to enable all the business requirements included in the filter using the Enable Filtered Requirements button. This will enable all the business requirements that meet your criteria, including those requirements that may be paginated due to many requirements matching your criteria.

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