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Selecting Business Requirements
Selecting Business Requirements

How to enable Business Requirements for your implementation

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As you filter and search through business requirements, you can select those that you feel would be relevant to your organization. If you are unsure of the meaning of the business requirement, you can click the chevron to the left of the checkbox to learn more about the business requirement. Doing this will share a brief explanation of the business requirement and show what Apollo Events, Attributes, Data Sources, and Variables are necessary to satisfy it:

Once you determine that a business requirement is needed, you can click on the checkbox next to the requirement. Since any business requirement can be unchecked later, you should select any business requirements that might be relevant, knowing that you can prune the final list later:

When you select a business requirement, the Apollo Events and Apollo Attributes needed to meet the requirement will be enabled. In some cases, selecting one business requirement may automatically select other business requirements. This is due to the fact that the solution design used for the selected requirement also satisfies additional business requirements. Apollo is intelligent enough to show you which incremental business requirements you can answer without doing any additional tagging!

Adding new business requirements

While Apollo contains hundreds of business requirements, it is inevitable that your organization will want to add new business requirements that are unique to your business. Therefore, Apollo allows you to add new business requirements to the system. If you need to add new business requirements, please reach out to the Apollo product team who will help you add these business requirements.

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