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The documentation Apollo programmatically generates and manages

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Implementation documentation is a critical component of digital analytics success. While many executives and business stakeholders like getting the data they need, they often don’t understand or appreciate how much work goes into data collection. Best practices in analytics implementation dictate that an organization create both a data layer and JavaScript code to capture all of the data needed to satisfy business requirements. Unfortunately, for most organizations, business requirements, data layers and tagging specifications are built manually and are often disconnected from one another. It is common for a business user to request a new data point that is then added to tagging without being documented or going through the proper processes.

Apollo fixes this problem by automatically connecting business requirements, the data layer specifications, and tagging configurations. Using a relational database, Apollo programmatically builds your data layer and tagging specifications as you select business requirements and/or Apollo Events. This helps ensure that nothing is missed during your implementation.

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