What is Calculated Metrics?

The Calculated Metrics (sometimes called conversion metrics) module allows you to view and add best-practice calculated metrics to your analytics tool. Calculated Metrics are frequently used to view how a digital property is performing. Apollo comes pre-loaded with many commonly used Calculated Metrics that can be reviewed and then imported into your analytics tool.

Using Calculated Metrics

To view which Calculated Metrics are available to be imported into your analytics tool, select the environment from the drop-down. This list will only show environments that have been previously deployed:

Once you have selected the environment, Apollo will determine which Calculated Metrics are available for that environment. Items displayed in red have not yet been added to the implementation or deployment and those in green are available:

If there are metrics that are highlighted in red that you would like to add to your implementation, you can return to the Business Requirements module to enable more requirements or enable more Apollo Events.

Any Calculated Metric that has all components highlighted in green can be imported into the analytics tool. Simply enable the metric by clicking the toggle:

Then, at the top of the module screen, click the Create Calculated Metric button to initiate the import:

In a few seconds, you will receive a confirmation that the metric has been sent to your analytics tool and you can view it there:

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