Most of the work done in the Design, Document and Deploy modules of Apollo takes place when the implementation is taking place or when incremental implementation improvements are made. Those modules tend to be used intensely for short bursts of time and then re-visited during re-implementations or incrementally. In most cases, only technical analytics team members will have security access to those modules due to their more technical nature.

But there are also day-to-day aspects of managing an analytics implementation. Some of these recurring tasks may include:

  • Reviewing the business requirements list and identifying items that have yet to be deployed or requesting new business requirements that can be deployed when resources are available

  • Reprioritization of future business requirements based upon the changing needs of the business

  • Identifying additional reports, conversion metrics or visitor segments that might be helpful for stakeholders

To address these ongoing needs, Apollo provides an Act module that can be viewed by more Apollo users than the other Design, Document and Deploy modules. The Act module allows the analytics team to interact with its business stakeholders in a way that will not jeopardize any critical aspects of the analytics implementation, including the ability to deploy custom dashboards directly from Apollo.

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