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Business User View
Business User View

The business user view is meant for stakeholders who want to review or add business requirements.

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Viewing active business requirements

When viewing the Business User module within the Act module, Apollo will show all business requirements that have been enabled. This will be the same list shown in the Business Requirements module within the Design module. However, in this view the only thing that can be modified is the requirement priority and stakeholder:

This view is useful if you want to work with your business users to update the priority or assigned stakeholder for one or more business requirements. This view can also be downloaded to a spreadsheet format if desired using the Business User Table button:

Filtering/sorting/searching business requirements

One nice feature of the business user view is that business requirements can be sorted and filtered as needed. In a manner similar to the Business Requirements module in the Design module, text filters or site feature filters can be used to narrow down visible business requirements:

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