v.2.4.0 Release Notes

May 3, 2021

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Feature Enhancements




You will see that user passwords have stronger requirements for security purposes.

Deploy : Builds

You can now indicate which Github organization you would like to deploy data layer docs to if you have access to multiple Github instances.


You can now access all the Apollo support documentation via the 'Help' link in the Waffle menu.

Bug Fixes




Fixed an issue where, after selecting an organization in the header, the user's permission levels were changed from Organization Admin to Organization User.

Property Settings

Fixed an issue where field-level validation errors were triggered on valid Adobe IO credential entries.

Design : Map Existing Implementation

Verified proper conditions were being met to allow import of an existing implementation.

Design: Business Requirements

Fixed an issue where stakeholder assignments were not persisting.

Design: Apollo Events

Improved the accuracy of results based on user input when filtering the Apollo Events list.

Deploy: Builds

Fixed a bug where certain listVar configurations resulted in failed data destination, documentation, and tag manager deployments.

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