v2.5.0 Release Notes

May 17, 2021 Full Release Notes

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Feature Enhancements




You’ll notice Apollo has a new look and feel! You now navigate between modules using the left-hand rail. The color palette, font, icons, and form field boxes are also revamped throughout the app.


When you configure a property, the property’s name may now only include letter, number, space, dash, and underscore characters.

Design: Apollo Events

Events with configured test cases will now display the associated Test Case URL with the qax_tc and qax_v query parameters. Read more here.

Documentation: Testing Report

Your testing reports will now include a “Test Case URL” column that defines the associated URL for the Test Case with the qax_tc and qax_v query parameters. Read more here.

Bug Fixes



Builds : Tag Manager

Reconditioned deployment to Tag Manager logic so Adobe Launch property names will not be appended with deployment timestamps after the first deployment to Tag Manager.

Builds : Tag Manager

Fixed an issue where the Adobe Launch property domain was being set to "example.com" during subsequent builds to Tag Manager.

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