v2.7.0 Release Notes

June 15, 2021 Full Release Notes

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Property Settings

UI updates have been made to Property Settings and these configurations are broken out into four parts that can be saved incrementally. Property Settings also opens in a drawer as opposed to the modal users were familiar with prior.

Design : Business Requirements

Expanding the details for business requirements now reveals any associated Apollo Events, Apollo Attributes, Data Source Configurations, and Variable Types. Prior to this change users could only see associated Apollo Events and and Apollo Attributes.

Documentation : Data Layer

Data layer documentation deployed to Github now indicates whether an event is part of the Page Load sequence.

Deploy : Dashboards

Adobe has deprecated the “Page Depth” Workspace metric. This metric has been removed from Apollo.

Deploy: Tag Manager

Tag Manager Deployment Markers are now available at the organization level - which means users can add a prefix or suffix on key elements in the tag manager to indicate which resources are managed by Apollo.



Deploy: Tag Manager

Adobe has deprecated the Adobe XDM “mixin” schema and replaced it with “field groups”. The deprecated endpoint has been updated in Apollo, restoring the ability to deploy Adobe Modern implementation.

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