It is important for tag manager users not to manually manipulate or change tag manager components that Apollo manages. Doing so, may cause conflicts with future Apollo deployments. In order to prevent this from occurring, you have the option of flagging tag manager components that Apollo manages with a custom prefix/suffix. These flags indicate to tag manager users that the components are to remain untouched.

An Apollo Organization Admin can add an Apollo marker by navigating to the Organizations page via the Waffle menu:

Then selecting the pencil icon inline with the Organization for which you wish to add the marker.

Enter the desired marker and click update.

Markers are added at the Organization-level. So the marker added will apply to all Properties within the Organization. Also, note that any marker you add here will appear in components contained in brackets. The scenarios below outline this in more detail.

Markers in Adobe Launch Tag Manager

The following table outlines how markers are surfaced in the Adobe Launch Tag Manager


Component Name Formatting with Marker


Rule Name - [Marker]

Rule Condition

[Marker] - Rule Condition Name

Rule Action

[Marker] - Rule Action Name

Data Element

Data Element Name*

*You'll notice in the table above that Data Element names remain unchanged with Marker additions because Data Element names are referenced directly in rules, including rules not managed by Apollo. As to not cause conflicts when Markers are added or removed within Apollo, Markers have been omitted from Data Element names. If you would like Markers to be added to the data elements configured by an Apollo Property, you can configure this setting in Deployment Options under Property Settings.

If Markers are deployed after an initial deployment, Apollo will add the Markers to the existing components. If the Markers are removed after initial deployment, Apollo will remove the Markers from the existing components.

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