Apollo adds this extension. No additional configurations within this extension are required by the user in Launch.

Apollo uses this extension to dynamically build the Adobe Analytics Product String and s.events within Rules without the need for Custom Code. By inspecting Rule actions you’ll see that, based on the selections you made in Apollo, Apollo configures the Root Data Object, Product Collection Path, custom events, merchandising eVars, and other Product String Settings:

Apollo intermixes AA Product String Builder actions with Adobe Analytics actions within Rules as needed. Such as in the example below:

Most importantly, as Product String configurations must change based on Apollo configuration changes, Apollo updates any AA Product String Builder configurations in Launch with each Tag Manager deployment.

If manual configuration changes are made to the extension after it’s configuration by Apollo, here is how Apollo will interact with those changes during subsequent builds:


Manual Change Made

Apollo’s Treatment


Disable extension

Apollo does not overwrite the change


Uninstall extension

Causes deployment to fail (even redeployments of initial build that created the extensions)

For more information on AA Product String Builder, you can read the technical documentation for the extension here.

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