v2.8.0 Release Notes

June 29, 2021 Full Release Notes

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Feature Enhancements



Design : Business Requirements

Users can now enter search terms within the Site Features filter

Design : Business Requirements

Users will see that search entries are no longer case sensitive

Deploy : Builds

Users can no longer delete builds

Deploy : Builds

Users will now see build deployments sorted chronologically by default

Deploy : Builds

Users can now filter build details by Tracking Item or Variable Assignment. To do so, first view a build by clicking the Eye icon inline with the Build and then apply an Item Type filter.

Deploy : Calculated Metrics

Design for this screen has been updated

Design: Assign Custom Variables

Column titles have been updated to more accurately reflect the content of the table

Act : Business User

On this screen users will now see the Variables associated with Business Requirements, as opposed to the Attributes associated with them

Bug Fixes




Ensured “users” of an Organization do not have the ability to delete a property, as that action can be performed only by “admins”

Property Settings

Fixed an issue where not all Report Suites were available for mapping to property environments

Design : Map Existing Implementation

Fixed an issue where the imported report suite variables were not visible to users who didn’t have an Adobe IO Connection

Design : Business Requirements

Fixed an issue where users couldn’t expand the details for more than one business requirement at a time

Design: Business Requirements

Corrected alphabetical sorting of the Site Features drop down

Design : Assign Custom Variables

Aligned the column titles on this module with the information that is being presented

Builds : Data Layer Docs

Ensured special characters in the data layer specifications are escaped when deploying to Github

Builds : Tag Manager

Ensured that the s.transactionID variable is being set using the Adobe Analytics Extension rather than custom custom code for Adobe legacy implementations

Act: Business User

Ensured the associated “Variable Name” was correctly populating for business requirements on the Business User screen

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