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Troubleshooting API Connection Issues
Troubleshooting API Connection Issues

An FAQ for some of the most connection questions

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"Why don't I see a Github organization destination? I only see "User Repository".

Firstly, you should ensure that a Github organization admin has added your Github user as a member of the organization. If this is done, and you are still not seeing the Organization to associate with the repository destination, follow the steps below to revoke Github access to Apollo and then reinstate access.

  1. Login to Github

  2. Navigate to the application settings screen where you’ll see all of the applications you’ve granted access to in Github

  3. Under the “Authorized OAuth Apps” tab, look for the entry for Apollo, it will be called “Apollo GitHub Integration”:

  4. Click Revoke in the three dot menu:

  5. Head back to Apollo and re-add your Github connection as normal and you should see the screen below as a result:

  6. Select Authorize and you should now be able to see the applicable Organization repository destination.

Adobe Legacy Implementations

"I have used my Adobe IO credentials to deploy successfully to Tag Manager, but deployments to data destination are failing. Why?"

The cause of this issue is likely one of two things:

1. Your Adobe Analytics API connection is not an Admin for the Adobe Analytics Product.

Resolution: Ensure that the Technical Account Email associated with your Adobe IO Connection is an Admin for the Adobe Analytics Product within the Adobe Experience Marketing Cloud. Then perform (2) below.

2. If the Technical Account Email associated with your Adobe IO Connection is already an Admin for the Adobe Analytics Product, it may be the case that this action was performed after you had already entered your Adobe IO credentials into Apollo. Navigate to and retrieve a new Private key. Update the Private Key for your Adobe IO Connection in Apollo with the new private key.

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