v3.0.0 Release Notes

July 27, 2021 Full Release Notes

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Feature Enhancements




The Apollo application is on a new domain. You can now find Apollo at app.apolloplatform.com.


The sub navigation now sticks to the top of the page as you scroll down pages to allow for easier navigation.


The “Help” button has been relocated from the waffle menu to the main header. You can now click the Help icon and be deeplinked to a relevant article for the screen the you are on.

Design : Business Requirements

You can now select individual requirements and save them in a templates. You can use templates to filter the list of Business Requirements. You can read more about Business Requirement templates here.

Design : Assign Custom Variables

You can now reference the new column “Variable Name” when assigning variable numbers.

Design : Event Attributes

The “Apollo Events” tab has been changed to “Event Attributes” and redesigned to enhance your experience. You are now shown a list of all Events you can enable/disable for your implementation. Once an event has been enabled, you can use select the carrot button to configure beacon settings for the Event of press the Configure Attributes button to customize attributes for the Event.

Design : Tests

The “Tests” tab has been added to provide you with a single place to define test cases for the individual Events and Attributes in your implementation.

Document: Documentation

You can now reference a new column in the SDR that contains the XDM path for enabled variables.

Deploy : Builds

Apollo will no longer allow you to attempt to deploy a build to tag manager if the deployment for the prior build to tag manager was unsuccessful. You should address the issue that caused the failed deployment and then redeploy the failed build to tag manager.

Deploy : Builds

Successful builds can only be deployed once to tag manager. Subsequent deployments require the creation of a new build to prevent unnecessary asset creation and deletion.

Deploy: Dashboards

You'll notice references to “Workspaces” has been updated to “Dashboards” to ensure consistency across reporting platforms.

Act : Business User

The Business Requirements Spreadsheet download now shows the associated “Variable Name” for each Business Requirement.

Act: Business User

You may now create custom Dashboards by selecting individual Business Requirements and deploying to the reporting platform. Read more about this feature here.

Bug Fixes



Property Settings

Corrected the validation rules applied to the private key field in the Connections setup to prevent users from saving faulty values.

Deploy : Builds [Data Layer Manager]

Ensured subsequent deployments to tag manager do not overwrite manual changes user have made in the Data Layer Manager Extension.

Deploy: Builds [Data Layer Manager & QAX]

Implementation validation was not previously available until users went into the DLM and QAX extensions and performed a “save” and added the changes to the library, although no changes had actually been made. This has been corrected so that users may use these extensions and their functionality following an Apollo deployment with no additional configuration.

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