v3.1.0 Release Notes

Aug 9, 2021 Full Release Notes

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Feature Enhancements




You can now assign a new user type, Architect, in Apollo. Architects have permissions to edit properties for any organization they are added to but cannot create new properties.

Deploy : Builds

Apollo notifies you when you can’t perform a deployment to a given destination due to missing API connections and provides instructions for what action should be performed to remediate.

Design : Business Requirements

When you create business requirement templates at the agency level, if you select a business requirement that is organization specific, Apollo will change the scope of the template to be at the organization level.

Design : Event Attributes

You will receive an alert to confirm the action if you attempt to disable an Apollo Event that has a test case associated with it.


If you are an Organization Admin, you can now update the Tag Manager Marker. Before this feature was only available to Agency Admins.

Deploy : Builds [Tag Manager]

Apollo now allows you to easily condition all of your analytics rules to meet your consent management requirements. Read more.

Custom Imports

Improvements have been made to the spreadsheet template used for importing custom items.

Terms of Service

The Apollo Terms of Service have been updated.

Bug Fixes



Design : Business Requirements

Fixed a bug where the details for some business requirements were not appearing when expanded.

Design : Business Requirements

Fixed a bug where multiple business requirements would become linked during deactivation, such that when a user reactivated one Business Requirement, the others would also become reactivated.

Design : Business Requirements

Ensured business requirements selected in an organization level template are scoped to the organization. Additionally, ensured business requirements selected in an agency level template are scoped to the agency or organization, but not globally.

Document : Documentation

Fixed an issue where cells were unexpectedly merged in the Testing Report.

Deploy : Calculated Metrics

Fixed a bug where users would select Calculated Metrics for deployment, thus enabling the “Create” button. However, upon refreshing the page, the “Create” button would be disabled despite metrics still being selected for deployment.

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