v3.3.0 Release Notes

Sept 7, 2021 Full Release Notes

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Feature Enhancements



Property Settings : Map Existing Implementation

The Map Existing Implementation feature has now been moved to Property Settings, and during property creation you are invited to initiate the map existing implementation process.

If you choose to perform this step during property creation, you can now import the variable settings from a non-production environment (e.g., non-production report suite). Once you initiate this process, all other design features, such as Business Requirements and Apollo Event Attributes, go into a read-only mode until you complete the map existing implementation process by selecting All Mappings Complete from the Map Existing Implementation screen.

By skipping this step during property creation, the map existing implementation feature becomes unavailable for the property.

Property Settings : Map Existing Implementation

Variables in your existing implementation map to Apollo variables and Apollo events. Prior to this change, they mapped to Apollo attributes and Apollo events.

Property Settings : Map Existing Implementation

You now have an Include/Exclude indicator for each variable. By default, the value for each variable is set to exclude, which means it is not desired for the variable to be included in the Apollo implementation. Toggling the value to include opens up the opportunity to map the variable to the appropriate Apollo variable and event(s).

Property Settings : Map Existing Implementation

Rather than saving changes to this screen on a per variable basis, you can now save or revert changes to all variables at once.

If you wish to undo the selections for a single variable, you have a clear all feature available at the variable level. This will remove any assigned Apollo variables or events.

Property Settings : Map Existing Implementation

You can now filter the variables in this screen by variables you have chosen to include or exclude from the Apollo implementation.

You can also search for existing variables by name using the open search field.

Property Settings : Map Existing Implementation

You can restart the entire map existing implementation process, by selecting Start Over. This removes the data destination environment you have chosen to map, and allows you to map a new one.

Design : Business Requirements

Users are now able to “enable all” business requirements included in a filtered list.

Documentation : Data Layer

Documentation: Data Enrichment

You are now able to customize the markdown files for data layer docs. You can add text, web-hosted images, tables, links, etc. to each data layer/data enrichment event or to the property as a whole and these notes will appear in the documentation deployed to Data Layer Docs. This feature is a good way to give the developers developing against the data layer specifications any other additional information they may need.

Documentation: Data Enrichment

The new Data Enrichment tab has been added to provide users with more information about events that are linked to non-data layer data sources and are not included in the standard data layer documentation.

Deploy : Builds [Tag Manager]

When a deployment to tag manager fails, you will now receive an error message containing the reason for the error to help you troubleshoot more easily.


You will now be notified when you’ve reached the maximum allowed limit of requests provided by Adobe Experience Platform at a given time. When you see this error, you should pause activities that rely on the Adobe API (i.e., deploying to data destination, deploying calculated metrics, deploying dashboards) and resume activity again in a few minutes.

Deploy: Builds [Tag Manager]

Updates were made to ensure that Apollo will behave appropriately when you have made manual updates to the extensions in your Launch property between Apollo deployments. Apollo will overwrite extensions that have been disabled or uninstalled in the Launch Property to ensure successful deployments and functioning implementations. Apollo no longer overwrites certain changes made to the Adobe Analytics extension as well. Full details here.

Bug Fixes




Fixed a bug where users could not create a password after clicking their email verification link if they were already logged in.

Deploy: Builds

Ensured that subsequent builds were adhering to the name that the user entered, instead of inheriting a static build name.

Design: Site Features

Ensured that site features added were only being shown with their associated Business Requirements and did not disobey the org or agency association and appear in inappropriate properties.


Resolved errors that occurred when the user logged out on the Act tab.

Property Settings: Report Suites

Fixed a reactivity issue that occurred when a user saved Report Suite changes and the UI did not visually reflect these changes.

Design: Configure Event Attributes

Resolved reactivity issues that occurred when filtering event attributes by disabled or enabled and then enabling/disabling the filtered event attributes.

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