v3.4.0 Release Notes

Sept 20, 2021 Full Release Notes

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Feature Enhancements



Property Settings : Deployment Options

You can now deploy an initial build to Tag Manager to an existing Launch Property as opposed to Apollo requiring that it create a new property for you. Simply grab an existing Tag Manager Property ID and add it to your Apollo Property Settings under Deployment Options. When you deploy to Tag Manager, Apollo will add the new analytics rules to your Tag Manager Property. Old analytics rules will remain untouched. Before deploying to an existing Property, it is a good idea to review the ways Apollo interacts with existing extensions and determine if you would like to add Markers to Data Elements.

Property Settings : Deployment Options

You now have the option of adding Organization markers to data elements. Under the new Deployment Options section within Property Settings, simply check the Add deployment marker to data elements checkbox. To read more about Organization Markers see here.

Design : Assign Custom Variables

You will no longer see Site Features on this screen. New filters and sorting options have been added to help you assign variables as you desire. You can sort the variables using any column and you can filter by variables that have been assigned or remain unassigned.

Global : Google

The Alpha feature for Google implementations with Apollo is live. This feature allows you to create Google implementation type Apollo properties. This Alpha version of this feature allows you to use Apollo to programmatically configure your Google Solution Design, Data Layer Documentation, and Testing Report. The features that remain unavailable at this time are the following:

  • Map Existing Implementation

  • Configure Environments

  • Assign Custom Variables

  • Configure Customization

  • Tag Manager Deployments

  • Data Destination Deployments

  • Calc Metrics Deployments

  • Dashboards Deployments

  • Custom Dashboards Deployments

Design : Business Requirements

You can create Business Requirement Templates based on the business requirements you already have enabled for on the Business Requirements screen.

Property Settings: Property Details

Name length validation has been added to the Property Name field under the Property Details section of the Property Settings Flow. If the user enters a property name that exceeds 255 characters, they will be presented with a validation error.

Bug Fixes



Property Settings: Adobe Analytics Report Suites

Validation has been added to prevent the creation of duplicate environments pointing to the same report suite.

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