v3.5.0 Release Notes

Oct 12, 2021 Full Release Notes

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Feature Enhancements



When you delete a system user, that user is now removed from all Agencies and Organizations with which their user was associated.

Property Settings

We’ve improved the save experience for updates made within Property Settings so you know what is being saved and when.

Design: Business Requirements

Enabling a large number of business requirements at once may take some time to load. To prevent confusion, you are now presented with a pop-up modal to indicate the action’s status.

Design : Event Attributes

You no longer have to confirm saves to Event Attributes.

Design: Event Attributes

Some Adobe specific event attributes have been renamed to be ecosystem agnostic. With the roll out of Google support in Apollo, we wanted common event attributes to apply across implementations, regardless of ecosystem. Theses changes include:

  • Set s.currency → Currency

  • Set s.transactionId → Transaction ID

Document : Visual SDR

You will see that the Visual SDR has been completely revamped. You can now cater this display to the Groups you would like to see the flow between, and focus your display on the flow from a selected node.

Agency Sandboxes

Agency Architect users can create a property within the Sandbox Organization to use as the Agency customization template. Effectively, this property will only contain global items and any Agency-level customizations that have been added to Apollo before. This property can then be used for validating new Agency-level customizations in a clean environment.


Property Creation

If you choose to map an existing implementation during the property creation flow, you will now be thrown directly into the Map Existing Implementation feature after completing property setup.

Map Existing Implementation

Users who select “Map Existing Implementation” during the final step of property creation will be taken to the Map Existing view, instead of Business Requirements.

Document : Data Layer

If you have added at least one Organization Architect User to your Apollo instance, one will be selected and listed as a default point of contact within the Implementation Notes for your Data Layer Documentation. Implementation Notes can always be updated if the default user isn’t the appropriate point of contact for developers.

Deploy : Builds

Deployments to Github with Adobe implementation types will now contain a timestamp suffix of following format: “yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm”. This is to prevent errors with future deployments when the build has the same name as a prior deployment. (e.g., Adobe Legacy to Adobe Modern implementation type).




Property Settings

You can now associate Google Analytics data streams with Apollo Environments.

Design : Event Attributes

You can now configure event attributes for Google Analytics Reporting. Event attributes may be assigned as Custom Dimensions and Metrics, as well as No Reporting Dimensions and Metrics. No Reporting configurations allow you to include event attributes in your implementation without using one of your limited number of reporting dimensions or metrics in Google Analytics.

Design : Assign Custom Variables

You can now assign custom variables and metrics to the variables in your implementation.

Design : Tests

You can now create Test Cases for Google implementations.

Document : Documentation

You can now export the Testing Report and SDR.

Deploy : Builds

You can now deploy your implementation to Tag Manager.

Bug Fixes




Resolved errors with user deletion


Resolved issues with Organization-level users not being able to view all the Organizations they have access to when the Organizations were associated with different Agencies.

Agency/Organization Settings

Validation has been added to the name field for the Agency and Organization creation/edit modals to inform users if the entered name is already in use.

Property Settings: Adobe Analytics Report Suites

Resolved errors with creating/editing Adobe Analytics report suites with a non-default connection.

Design: Business Requirements | Custom Template

Users will now be able to use special characters in the description when creating custom Business Requirement Templates.

Deploy : Builds

Deployments to Data Layer Docs after switching to a Modern Adobe implementation type will no longer overwrite Github branches with the same name, rather it will create a new Github branch.

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