Create a Google Analytics Account

1. Go to, and login.

If you already have a Google Analytics account ready to be used by Apollo, continue to step 2.

1.1 Create a new account. If you have no existing Google Analytics accounts, you will be automatically redirected to step 1.3. Otherwise, from the left side panel open the menu and click Admin.

1.2 From the Admin page, click Create Account.

1.3. Fill in the account name. Account name is the only required field under the account setup section. It is up to your discretion whether you want to link the account to your current organization. Additionally, you may choose which, if any, data sharing options you would like to enable. After you have made these configurations, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next:

Create a Google Analytics Property for your Account

2. If you are creating a new Google Analytics account to be used by Apollo, property creation is a part of the account creation flow - continue to step 2.3. If you are creating a new property in an existing Google Analytics account, continue to step 2.1.

2.1 Create a new property. From the left side panel open the menu and click Admin.

2.2 From the Admin page, click Create Property.

2.3 Fill in the property name. You may also configure the reporting time zone and currency for your Organization's needs. These settings can always be changed at a later time. When you are finished, click Next:

2.4 The Business Information section is optional. When you are done, click Create:

Create a Google Analytics Data Stream (optional)

3. Creating a data stream for your property enables the flow of data from your organization's platforms to Google Analytics. There are two ways to create a data stream, as described below - starting with step 3.1 or 3.2.

3.1 After you have created a property, you will be redirected to the Google Analytics Data Streams set up menu.

3.1.1 Select Web property.

3.1.2 Fill in the Website URL and the Stream name.

3.1.3 Next, configure the enhanced measurement settings. This is a recommended feature, but you may disable it. Without enhanced measurement, your property will only get standard page views. You may also customize which events are measured by clicking the gear icon in the lower right corner. Save any changes to enhanced measurement and click Create stream:

3.2 From the left side panel open the menu and click Admin.

3.2.1 From the Admin page, click Data Streams under Property and follow steps 3.1.1 to 3.1.3.

Retrieving Information Required by Apollo (optional)

4. In order to link your Google Analytics account to your Apollo property, there is some information you will need to collect from the Google Analytics UI.

4.1 Retrieve your Google Analytics Account Id. From the left side panel open the menu and click Admin.

4.1.1 From the Admin page, click Account Settings.

4.1.2 You will find your Account Id under Basic Settings.

4.2 Retrieve your Google Analytics Property Id. From the left side panel open the menu and click Admin.

4.2.1 From the Admin page, you may select the account and property by clicking the carrot found in either section. Once the correct account and property have been selected, you can find the Property Id in parentheses next to the Property Name.

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