v5.2.0 Release Notes

May 11, 2022 Full Release Notes

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Feature Enhancements




Design : Business Requirements

You now have the ability to perform replacements on Tracking Items and Tracking Item Components. When you perform a replacement on an Apollo Event, Attribute, Data Source, Variable, or Tracking Item, you get to replace the configurations for that component at a given scope.

For example, if you like a Business Requirement but want to replace a Global Data Source because your Organization uses a different data layer node to source the data, you can make an Organization-scoped replacement on the applicable Global Data Source and provide the accurate data layer path. The replacement will apply to all places where the Global Data Source is referenced.

Property Setup

You can now skip steps in the property setup flow after property creation. This is helpful when you do not yet have API Credentials and you do not want to be prevented from moving through the the Property Setup flow.

Design : Business Requirements

While a Tracking Item remains inactive, its components (i.e., Apollo Event, Attribute, Data Source, and Variable) can be removed at any time. You can change out any of the components for a new component.

Design : Create Data Source

Additional help text has been added to these modal to help you make appropriate design choices.

Deploy: Builds

If a deployment to Data Destination or Data Layer Docs fails, you will now see a message with the reason for the failure.




Design : Business Requirements

New validation has been added to Business Requirements at the time you associate a Data Source and a Variable.

Errors are expected if:

1) You have Variable that is a Product Syntax eVar or Product Syntax Success Event, but the associated Data Source doesn’t have a Containing Array.

2) You have a Variable that is a non-Product Syntax eVar or non-Product Syntax Success Event, but the associated Data Source has a Containing Array.

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