v6.1.0 Release Notes

August 15, 2022 Full Release Notes

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Deploy : Builds

Deployments are now more streamlined when only one tag manager and data destination platform is associated with an Apollo property. You can skip extra steps that ask you to indicate your tag manager and data destination.

Organizations and


Organizations and Properties now enter a disabled status in the event there are billing issues with the organization/property. No actions can be performed within disabled organizations/properties.


Properties now enter a restricted status when an invoice has not yet been paid, but is not passed due. In restricted properties, no deployments to any environments or downloads can occur.

Property Settings

Map Existing Implementation is now available in read-only mode after you have completed this process.

Document : Data Layer

Deploy : Builds [Data Layer Docs]

Attributes within code snippets for data layer events are now alphabetically ordered. This helps developers implement the data layer more easily.




Design : Map Existing Implementation

You can now import GTM Container Versions without a name.

Design : Create Apollo Event

Design : Edit Apollo Event

Extra validation has been added to the event parameter fields associated with Apollo Events. The validation ensures that the event parameter only contains letters, numbers, and underscores and that the parameter starts with a letter. These are match restrictions that are placed on GA4 event parameters.

Document : Data Destination [Test Cases]

Test Case spreadsheet have been updated to accommodate situations where you have leverage existing GTM Triggers or Variables during the Map Existing Implementation step.


When new implementations within Apollo Free are deployed to Tag Manager, a new workspace will now be created within the container. Previously, this type of deployment leveraged the Default workspace.


When deployments to tag manager occur for Apollo Free properties, the workspace created is now named after the Apollo build name. The workspaces name also includes a timestamp.




Deploy : Builds [Tag Manager]

The Apollo QAX extension can now test to ensure Revenue and Units are being set in any tags where the purchase event is being set. If you choose to manually disable this test within the Launch extension, Apollo will not overwrite this setting.

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