v7.3.0 Release Notes

January 3, 2023 Full Release Notes

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Bug Fixes




Design : Edit Tracking Item

Resolved an issue which caused the data source associated with a tracking item to be removed when the variable was updated.

Design : Replace Data Source

Design : Edit Data Source

Resolved an issue which caused deployment errors to occur when changing the type associated with a data source after performing a replacement on it.

Design : Design Business Requirement

Resolved an issue which caused deployments to fail when certain organization-scoped business requirements were present.




Property Settings

Resolved an issue which caused Adobe API connections to fail for AppMeasurement implementations, despite credentials being valid.

Design : Variable Details

Document : Data Destination

Ensured the UAEcomm Config field was removed for variables within Adobe Analytics implementation properties.

Design : Event Attributes

Resolved an issue where AA Beacon and Clear Variable settings were not present for global Events.

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