v7.10.1 Release Notes

April 14, 2023 Full Release Notes

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Property Settings [Property Details]

From Property Details, you can now indicate that you wish to opt out of validations that run at the time a build is created from the Deploy module. This should be used with extreme caution, as disabling it will prevent you from seeing valid error conditions that could impact your ability to properly collect data. The majority of properties should leave this setting enabled.

Bug Fixes




Deploy : Builds

We have enhanced the logic for validations running at the time builds are created to include:

  1. Allow for event attributes to share parameters in the scenario where the parameter for one of the attributes is contained in an array and the other is outside of an array.

  2. Allow for two Tracking Items share a parameter on the same event, if one of the Tracking Item is set to be excluded from tag manager deployments.

  3. Allow for event attributes to share parameters in the scenario where an event parameter is associated with a predefined dimension and the other is associated with a custom dimension.




Design : Data Sources

Resolved issues causing data layer data sources to be missing from the Data Layer schema view.

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