v7.13.0 Release Notes

May 22, 2023 Full Release Notes

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Bug Fixes




Platform Messaging During Apollo Updates

While the Apollo platform is being updated with new releases, we will display messaging that updates are occurring and you will not be able to interact with the platform (this occurs after hours for at most a few minutes at a time, typically.) This will prevent the possibility of getting into an error state by working in Apollo while updates are occurring.




Design: Custom Data Designer Data Source Names

Changing the name of certain data sources caused deployments to fail for a WebSDK implementation. This issue has been fixed.

Design: Custom Data Designer Variable Selection

We identified issues with being able to select predefined variables within custom data designer-created business requirements (such as being able to select Cart Additions). This has been fixed.

Design: Assign Custom Variables

The custom code to set listVars did not take into account when a deployment marker was used, so the data element reference within that code was incorrect in those circumstances. This has been updated to properly reflect the data element name if a deployment marker is used.

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