Apollo empowers organizations to manage all aspects of their digital analytics implementation in one place so more value is attained from investments in digital analytics tools. It leverages over twenty years of best practices and automates many of the tasks involved in an analytics implementation. What the video below to learn Apollo's core features and the processes it manages.

Apollo manages the following steps in your analytics implementation

Business Requirements

Solution Designs

Data Layer Specifications

Data Layer Validation

Tagging Specifications

Tag Management Configuration

Tag Validation

Analytics Admin Console Configuration

Analytics Dashboards

Analytics Calculated Metrics

How should Apollo be used?

Apollo should be treated as the source of truth for everything related to your digital analytics implementation. The Design module is used to identify what business questions your organization needs to answer and to define the solution design that will be used to answer them. The Document module is where Apollo programmatically creates the data layer and other documentation needed to satisfy your chosen business requirements. The Deploy module is where Apollo programmatically automatically creates the tag management configurations, configures analytics variables, shares tagging specifications with developers and creates metrics and dashboards to satisfy your business requirements. The Act module is where users can go to review and update business requirements.

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